Naruto 513

Naruto 513: Hosts Found

Madara: Bring him back alive.
Kabuto: Yeah I know
Madara: Then don’t let me down.

(Kabuto and deidara fly off and we are left seeing Madara watching them as they fly off)

Madara (in thought) It won’t be long now until I rule the world with my genjutsu

(The island that Nauto and Bee is on comes into view from a distance)

Naruto: Will Gai sensei will alright?
Yamato: He will be fine. He just won’t be able to move for awhile. He went through this once before.
Motoi: That was some technique he used.
Yamato: Yes but the side is great. He won’t be able to fight in the war now.
Naruto: What about Gandma Tsunade? Can’t she heal him?
Yamato: Muscle fiber damage is different. It can’t be healed by medical ninjutsu. It has to heal on its
Bee: We lost a mighter but akatsuki is down a fighter.

(scene switches back to Kabuto and Deidara)

Kabuto: There’s the island with the jinchurikis. Time for a surprise. Use your C1 bombs Deidara.

(Deidara starts making the bombs in his pouch. He pulls out several spider bombs and drops them
on the island as they fly. The bombs go off surprising everyone on the island but not hurting anyone)

Naruto: What the hell was that?
Yamato: It’s the akatsuki. But how is Deidara alive? He blew himself up against Sasuke. Unless…no it
can’t be.
Naruto: It can’t be what?
Yamato: Edo Tensi. Impure resurrection.
Motoi: Edo tensi? But I thought only Orochimaru and the leafs second hokage could use that technique.
Yamato: Yes but now someone else as mastered it as well.

(Kabuto and Deidara are still flying around as Deidara starts making more spider bombs)

Bee: So what are we going to do against an opponent who can fly?

(All of a asudden we see sand fly past them and grab a hold of Deidara’s bird. The sand pulls the bird to
the ground. Deidara and Kabuto land on their feet in front of everyone)

Naruto: That sand is…

(Garra lands in front of the team)

Naruto: Garra!?

Garra: I’ll be your opponent. I still owe him from last time.
Kabuto: That’s fine but it will end the same way as last time. Yall shall all be dead soon anyway.
Garra: We shall see.

Will Garra prevail against Deidara this time?

Next chapter: Garra vs Deidara The rematch

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Naruto 513